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What makes us unique?  It's our fast and reliable service, and quality workmanship.  We believe in keeping trees in their most natural condition as well.  After it's pruned or trimmed we believe it shouldn't look like it has been.

Our team motto is "Heart and Hustle will set you apart" and we work hard to be the best tree service business in the industry by ensuring every project is done at a competitive rate while upholding top quality standards.

Learn more about our professional team below and find out what others have to say about our work.



For more than 18 years, John has shaped the success of this tree service. He started working in the tree services business in 1982 under a great leader: Dave China.  He fell in love with the work and has devoted his life to honing skills in the trade and being of service to hundreds of returning customers.


Pruning and Trimming Specialist

We call him "Mighty Guy" or sometimes "Hollywood".  He always brings a positive energy, great attitude and wonderful ideas to work.  This team member is a wonderful role model and a favorite amongst our clients.



Peter is a Certified Climber and Arborist.  He acts as our key area expert and advisor.  You will find him taking the lead on our more complex projects, as well as providing specialized training to our crew.



We call him the "Mystery Guy".  It's hard to get a picture of him, but boy he's one epic mechanic.  He can bring our equipment, tools and vehicles back to life when no one else can, including the boom truck!



Ricky is a valuable contributor to our services.  He specializes in Climbing and you will find him in all kinds of trees - trickier and taller the better.  He's an extremely hard worker with high integrity - everything counts and everyone matters for this guy.

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